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Downloadable resources for
Maternity Healthcare Professionals

The Stillbirth CRE is pleased to provide a suite of approved stillbirth prevention resources for use in the implementation and promotion of the Safer Baby Bundle. These evidence-based resources have been collaboratively designed for healthcare professionals working with pregnant women. The Stillbirth CRE has partnered with the leading professional colleges and research institutions across Australia to develop these resources.

In order to maintain consistency in messaging and achieve the greatest possible reach and engagement by health care professionals with the Safer Baby Bundle, and the greatest reach and engagement by pregnant women with the Safer Baby program, we request following our Terms of Use. For a copy of the Style Guide email stillbirthcre@mater.uq.edu.au.

  • Any of these creative assets may be used by partner organisations in activities undertaken to promote safer pregnancy, improved clinical practice, clinician education or public education around stillbirth prevention
  • Where a partner seeks to add their own logo to these materials, they may do so without seeking express consent of the Stillbirth CRE
  • Where a partner seeks to amend or repurpose this creative material into different formats or products, consent must first be sought and obtained from the Stillbirth CRE
  • The Stillbirth CRE will not unreasonably withhold consent for changes if the changes are in line with the overall intent of the Safer Baby Bundle; however, the cost of changes must be met by the partner through a change request submitted to the Stillbirth CRE’s contracted design agency (a quote will be supplied for changes and agreed before work commences)
  • All resources have been designed and developed by 89 Degrees East in collaboration with Stillbirth CRE. If you require an adaption of the artwork for your local area or hospital, please contact saferbabybundle@mater.uq.edu.au to discuss your requirements.
  • When promoting the Safer Baby Bundle through local, state, territory or national media outlets, acknowledge the role of the Stillbirth CRE in developing the materials (On social media: @CREStillbirth)